François Bouis | Chief Executive

Took the helms of the family foundry, funeral foundry at the time, in 1985.

Developed artistic activities in the 80s, and 3D activities starting in 2014.

The foundry is a strong marker of his affection for art and the sculptors. It also harks back to his childhood when he lived above the foundry and watched the bronze being cast as a young boy.
Remembers the time when the art foundry section was just a workbench inside the funeral foundry..

Pierre Abattu | Director of Foundry

Has been working at the Fonderie Barthélémy since 1986

He loves working with fire, the technology around the foundry and the way it evolves.
Background in foundry work.
Previously worked in foundries in Lyon.

Smashed a window and fortunately barely missed hurting passersby with his first metal fusion experiment, in his parents’ attic. He did this by testing the filling of the metal with a manual sling, which uses centrifugal force to inject the metal. The mold was projected three floors lower. The mold did not survive but the foundry virus never died.

Suniti Bikash | Finishing, patina, mounting, welding

Has been working at the Fonderie Barthélémy since 2005

Where he appreciates being autonomous in his work and the quality of the pieces that go through his hands.
Learned his trade at the Barthélémy Foundry.

Previously worked in a radiator manufacturing company.

Alexis Chakma | Finishing, patina

Has been working at the Fonderie Barthélémy since 2003

He appreciates the presence of sculptors, their exchanges and the delicate work of the patinas.
Has a training in boilermaking, learned finishing and patina at the Foundry.

Previously worked in a boilermaking company