Make your own waxes

Whether you are a professional or an amateur

sculptor, you are welcome at every stage of your production.
You will have access to a workstation fully equipped for the mounting your wax cluster.
Whenever necessary, Hicham and Driss will be your go-to persons for advice and opinion.
Plaster coating, baking, casting and shaving will be done by us. The foundry is liable only on these points and based on the market value of the work.

On appointment


Cylinder N°1 – 22 cm diameter, 40cm height  285€ before taxes
Cylinder N°2 – 22 cm diameter, 50cm height  350€ before taxes
 Cylinder N°3 – 27 cm diameter, 60cm height  584€ before taxes
  Cylinder N°4 – 32 cm diameter, 65cm height  750€ before taxes
 + weight of the sculpture x metal cost
 (cost of the foundry’s most recent purchase + melting and casting cost)


Mounting made by the artist, « raw casting » delivered, sandblasted, uncut.
Refractory plaster coating shop rental: included in the cylinder fee.
20% VAT: for « raw casting », repairs, patina.

Artists performing work with the authorization of the Foundry will be covered by insurance in the event of personal injury or material damage in the foundry’s shops and on the perimeter of its property.
The liability of the Foundry only applies in case of proven fault on our part; failure of machinery, equipment or premises, or resulting from the negligence of an employee.